Getting Married?

Call 914-548-2002 for photography pricing and availability.

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Have a uniquely beautiful set of images created just for you, with an energetic documentary-style approach that will make your Wedding Album stand out from the typical "cookie-cutter" wedding images that have become today's modern routine.

Film or digital, b&w or color, an affordable custom image set can be created just for you, no matter what your budget.

Your Wedding is a unique and special day, and will be photographed with a spontaneity that captures all the special moments.

Your custom images will capture the spirit of your Wedding and the people attending, with photographs that will evoke memories of that day for years to come.

If you'd like your Wedding Day to be documented with a creative, honest, and artistic approach that will give you a set of images superior to anything you'd get from other photographers or studios, call 914-548-2002 and reserve your date today.


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