Where Am I Now?

I'm often asked by those who know me well (in person) why I never put any of my artwork on this site. "Artwork" meaning photographs that I make which are very different than anything you see on these web pages. My answer is always that I like to limit who gets to see the images we're talking about. The other reason is that the images are usually large prints that are too big to scan, but that's beside the point. I'm still actively involved with creating and printing those images, just not on the web.

This past year, I finally started collating many of the images I have, and I'm compiling the content into 2 graphic novels (for which they were originally intended) which I'd like to publish as soon as I can get everything completed. There will be a CD to accompany one of the novels, and a short film which will be on display when I have an exhibit of the work, which will be in the form of an installation. These works are my greatest passion, and it is what I'm currently giving the highest priority.

I'm also working on a 3rd series of images which (unlike the above aforementioned) do have some things in common with the nudes you see on this website in terms of the lighting, style, etc... This series will be in a book form as well, also for publication. These images are somewhat surreal, and are more controversial in nature. They're an exploration of what we as humans are made of in respect to what we consume as food, and how we too can be digested and ultimately disposed of like a commodity. Depending on the viewer's own experiences, this set of images may be looked at as beautiful or ugly, peaceful or disturbing, innocent or erotic, fetish or bondage, art or porn. The answer and my intent is that the images are at the crossroads of all those things, and will challenge our own tendencies to define, classify and label what it is we look at.

I thank those of you that have already worked with me on the above projects, and also those that are currently contacting me with an interest in being a part of my series' so I may see them to completion. Without you my images wouldn't exist except in my own imagination.

- Jonathan

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