[+]..Attention Private Collectors..[+]

I create many beautiful images that are too numerous to put on this site, and of course some that I would never put online at all -- as you may already know about me from perusing my website I like to screen exactly who gets to see what it is that I'm currently working on.

Some of these images are longing to be appreciated by people with specific tastes; the photographs need a home where while they may not be casually seen by great masses of people, they will be adored and cherished by one or two viewers. And to me, it is far more important that a single connoisseur look at and own an image I've created than droves of visually unimaginative derelicts who wouldn't even know what it was they were looking at.

Quality, not quantity -- and in this case I am referring to the quality of the viewer, and if you are taking the time to read this than I am most likely referring to you.

I have photographs ranging from delicately fragile to mysteriously erotic to psychotically sexual -- and all are equally beautiful and exquisite images one could hang framed on a wall or kept in a personal artbook.

I've done my share of surfing the net, and I can tell you that my photographs are unlike anything currently out there. Do not waste your time with inferior images shot by lobotomized laymen-photographers who lack passion and only know how to press a shutter button.

Furthermore I've always accepted and continue to accept commissions, some very traditional and others quite unusual or bizarre by mainstream standards. I welcome all requests, I am here to help your vision become a photographic reality.

Please contact me directly by email, and be as specific as you need to regarding your budget and the nature of the images you are interested in so that when I reply I can sufficiently answer your query to the best of my ability without the hindrance of email-tag. I welcome your questions, and do not feel pressured as I am not the type to do the "hard-sell."

I look forward to hearing from you.


~ Jonathan Mastrojohn

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