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  I am a Commercial and Fineart photographer with degrees in Art+Design and Chemistry. My work as a Commercial photographer covers a broad range including portraits, corporate events, web content, catalogs, products, clothing, weddings and parties. Shooting both film and digital, I often approach my Commercial photography from a Fineart perspective, obtaining very unique results from my dramatic lighting techniques.
  As a Fineart photographer I'm perpetually involved in various projects which are my passion. The utmost in tedious care is taken in hand-processing my film and prints for these projects, which I do in my darkroom. While I shoot color film, 85% of my fineart work is created on black and white film and papers. I believe I'll have a greater potential to create images with a stronger visual impact if the materials I'm using involve as little color as possible.
  The web is a quick and convenient medium for showing one's images, however nothing compares to viewing a photograph in real life, outside of cyberspace. For this reason the majority of my images are not on the internet. The images currently online are only a small sample of what I shoot, and are meant merely to entice the viewer into desiring to experience the actual photographs in person, which was my intent when I made them.

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